Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Experiment: Shellac + Egg Carton

How to Draw a Bum!

Jonah(10) and Hugo(7) regularly inform me I need a drawing tutorial from the masters. This week Hugo sternly instructed me that I needed to draw bums because that's what Jonah was drawing. And, as Hugo is also the house DJ, this would need to be done while listening to Sir Mix-A-Lot! (hence the dancing bums!)

The Book Thief!

My Dad sent me this funny photo today and I was so busy laughing my head off, it took me a while to recognise the book thief/mad shopper as our dear friend and fabulous artist KK (aka Kaye Green). When I was studying, my sister and I used to help out in her print studio and what's more, I have her to thank for introducing me to the quirky teller of Uncle Bob Tales, Chris Robinson.