Sunday, January 15, 2017

For Arts Sake

When you start madly sending your porfolio out to every possible magazine, publishing house, ezine, competition etc on the planet, it almost comes as surprise when you get a bite. You think perhaps when the phone rings one day from a greeting card company in Sydney wanting you to produce a range of birthday cards, you are in fact imagining things. But no, in this case it was the real deal. So thanks to the lovely Noel and Salima from "For Arts Sake",  my very first range of commerical greeting cards has gone to print! 




Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Watermelon

Peeling the watermelon was the easy part. After that, I just stared at the knife and the watermelon and diagrams of brains all over google...and then worried that Jonah (9) would know what it should look like, but he was at school so I couldn't consult him. Once I realised it didn't have to be anatomically correct, I  just doodled with a knife instead of a pen. Halloween fun!! (and on inspection...Jonah approved!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fritz! and all things South Australian.

This week Newstyle Media is on the hunt for a cover artist for their new South Australian lifestyle magazine to be distributed in Foodland stores. With 100,000 copies being printed who wouldn't want the gig!  

Like all places, South Australia has it's favourite delicacies....some that may seem slightly weird to the rest of the world. I didn't grow up here but a lot of my close friends did and they all still eat Fritz and Sauce sandwiches - a childhood favourite for school kids in this part of the world. Where I grew up it was called Devon and I never ate it!

If you really are South Australian there's also Haigh's Chocolates, Kitchener Buns, Farmers Union Iced Coffee, Fruit Chocs and one cannot forget Pie Floaters. Pie Floaters are basically a meat pie floating around in pea soup. They are street food and can be brought day or night from the iconic pie cart. According to wikipedia a favourite late night snack of Anthony Bourdain, Joe Cocker and Billy Connolly. But me...I'm still yet to be convinced!

Thursday, October 6, 2016